Black Friday Corals!

You want corals? We got corals!

We just got a huge shipment in earlier this week with some really nice corals for you to choose from! Be sure to stop in on Black Friday for some amazing deals on these pieces and a whole lot more! Here’s some of what we got!

  • Green Bubble Corals
  • Yellow Gorgonia
  • Red Sea Fans
  • Purple Whip Gorgonia
  • Sun Corals
  • Cultured Green Hammers
  • Golden Hammers
  • Frogspawn
  • Blastomussa
  • Lots of Mushrooms!
  • Blue Bulls-eye Mushrooms
  • Fiji Candy Canes
  • Flower Anemone
  • Rainbow Wellsophyllia
  • Yellow Polys
  • Florida Ricordea
  • Curvy Elegance
  • Pink Tip Elegance
  • and more!